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Blocore's mission is to maximize capital reproduction through an entrepreneurial approach. We approach investments from an entrepreneurial perspective to improve risk-return profiles turning high-risk high-returns into middle-risk high-returns. With this approach, we design innovative funds that consist of unorthodox investments that are unprecedented in the industry. We seek opportunities in new financial ecosystems(blockchain), AI technology, and non-traditional asset classes and mold them into funds. 

Since 2018, Blocore has executed 50+ investments through it's own fund, covering a wide range of asset classes including but not limited to Start-ups, VC/M&A funds, IPO block deals and Crypto funds. Blocore's principal investments($400M AUM) have shown outstanding results, successfully reforming traditional finance with innovative strategies.

Key Investments


Animoca Brands is a leader in web3 gamification, developing a wide range of products, such as SAND tokens and NFT games.


The Sandbox is a leading metaverse gaming platform that enables gamers to create a truly user-generated content ecosystem.


Wemix is a blockchain based global gaming platform, providing high-quality games such as ‘Mir4 Global’ and ‘Rise of Stars’.


Klaytn is a metaverse platform solution, renowned for its high throughput, low gas prices, and unique network architecture.


Hypebeast is a digital media and e-commerce company that strives to inspire the global audience of the latest cultural trends.


Kong Studios is a unicorn game company that develops games with original gameplay and unique gaming narratives like ‘GUARDIAN TALES’.


LUXON is a blockchain gaming platform that strives to accelerate and support the transition of traditional games into the Web3 sphere.


Moonfrost is a 2D multiplayer, life-simulation role-playing game that is available on mobiles and PCs, on Solana.


PlayDapp is a P2E ecosystem builder. PlayDapp’s mission is to bring non-Crypto game users into the blockchain game ecosystem.


Altava is an NFT metaverse platform that aims to provide a one-stop service in the luxury NFT ecosystem by integrating fashion with blockchain.


Xoogler is a group of Google alumni and current Googlers that help each other advance ambitions in the startup ecosystem.


Arrivant is a game publisher that is building the next era of sociable gaming communities, powered by player built real money economies.


DOSE is an ERC-20 Fungible Token (FT) of purchase, utility, and action in a gamified fitness ecosystem ‘OliveX’.


MiL.K is a blockchain lifestyle platform that increases interoperability of reward points in various service sectors through its own Milk Coin (MLK).


Tokamak Network (TON) is a protocol platform used to build and connect Layer 2 networks through plasma and roll-ups.


UNMATERIALITY (UMR) is a group of pioneering online game developers. Its 3D interactive gamified fashion platform ADA.


OliveX is a digital health and fitness company that delivers a unique user experience through fitness gamification, AR, and play-to-earn projects.


True Global Ventures is a Singapore based Private Equity fund that invests in Serial Entrepreneurs in over 30 cities.


Kudos Ventures is a Venture Capital firm based in Seoul, South Korea. Kudos provides total financial services to early-stage startups.


Alphanonce is a cryptocurrency-based hedge fund based in Seoul and Singapore that capitalizes on the volatility of cryptocurrency.


Contents Technologies is a company focusing on content intellectual property that facilitates the growth of startups.


Interior Teacher is a home styling platform that provides residential design solutions to customers by connecting them with home designers.


Alphaworks strives to create a digital asset that will be interoperable in the emerging web 3 metaverse ecosystem.


Outdefine is a premier user-governed decentralized network that enables hiring in the web2, 3 engineering and product and design industry sector.


Snowpipe is a global online mobile gaming software developer and provider based in Seoul, South Korea.


Dillyhub is a webtoon publishing platform that enables writers to list their social artwork and receive payments through unique subscription model.


Inibio is a biotech company that specializes in medical aesthetics. It develops world-class botulinum toxin for clinical and cosmetic uses.


Aminolab is the leading provider of high-quality amino acids in the global market to improve the global environmental burden of waste blood treatment.


SolChicks is a play-to-earn, PvP crypto game. The team strives to lead the fantasy NFT crypto gaming ecosystem on the Solana blockchain.


Astro Space is the first farm-to-steal mobile game to be launched on Solana. Players with Astrobot NFTs can play single-player quests mode.


Whyout is an outdoor lifestyle social platform that introduces community users to unique travel locations, through short clips, curations, and others.


BOLD is a lifestyle brand that strives to introduce a new paradigm in the B2B market by implementing digital processes.


HYPESALT is a non-fungible token liquidity service that is based on Klaytn, a public blockchain platform developed by Kakao.